Retiring this blog

I've asked myself some time ago why do not post anymore in this blog. Why I've stopped posting rants about technology, why I've stopped doing work-in-progress snapshots of code or Lego guns. Fact is that I don't have time I want to spent writing blog posts. I speak in codes and comments, my Lego gun progress is far beyond the need of sharing and I actually don't post anything of the really stuff I've programmed so far. I still want to publish my library one day, but it'll need a lot of time to perfect (I hate imperfect code). I know at the right places, people are interested in my output - but right now I'm not yet interested in sharing my technology or thoughts. I've already deleted old version of demos and libraries from my dropbox folder and I don't want them back there. If I'm going to publish them, I'll create a completely new and non-blog wegpage for it. I believe that if you eventually find yourself not beeing able to post anything contributing anymore, you don't need to. I started my first blog because I followed the advice of Jeff Atwood over at Coding Horror which is that if you want to get really good at something, just create a blog and constantly use it to document and improve your progress. While most of his stuff is completely irrelevant to my dedication, this single advice eventually helped to get better (though his advice had a rather different meaning). And over the years I developed a competent internal workflow where the blogging element became more of a remote status dump. not necessary of helpful to bring my closer to lifetime goal. I know there some dudes and/or dudettes reading it from time to time but I've completely contributing for a really long time now. The blog became more of a mess representing how mixed but still focussed my efforts were. I don't want to continue this anymore. I'm almost done with my bachelor (beginning a master), found a great and occupying game developement studio where my developed skills are appreciated and every new library feature I finish eventually leads to the next pixel on my personal progress bar. The real challenges and interesting things await behind locked doors where I can't blog about them. It's the place where you can train and use your skills to the max while still having more than one blogging opportunity to discuss solutions and document progress. Let's call it a balance that sorta fit's my way of life and work. So, this blog now officially closed for future postings. Anything I do will eventually be reachable via my deviantART gallery - though not my libraries but rather links to games that use them or something like that. So if you're interested in any output I may generate in the future, just check this site out. I won't post any music anywhere except when actually doing a video game. And I still don't care for those who dare to say I never release anything. You know, the awesome thing about commercial video game development is that there WILL be some output... And while I can focus on getting things done in time, I can put my perfectionism to good use in my stuff. I'll never release a game on my own without atleast 50% technical perfection. So if you'll excuse, there are some things I have to get done.