Wasting a day

Today I sorta took a day off and visited a museum I've never seen before. I had to get out of this room and get some other things to do. I did nothing programmey oder bachelor-related at all, I just did stuff I haven't done in a long time. It's not that I worked effin hard the last days/weeks, but I did a lot of stuff on and on again. It's just not worth it. Sooo, at the end of the day I continued the work on my Lego gun I didn't completely finish the last time. I improved the iron sight to some very good ghost sight relatively unaffected by light coming the from the shooter's direction (a weak spot of the previous version). I also tried to mod my bullet type to feature thicker and broader rubber bands I bought before. They provide more power at higher space consumption. The changes I made also get together with my problem of not having enough special Lego parts: 6 cartridges at your disposal with far more sturdy construction and higher shot power per projectile. Additionally, I filled some more gaps as it makes sliding more effective. Thus, I get the ability to create some nice magazine one day. The cartridge is now powerful enough for anything I'd ever need I guess. The only thing not nicely done yet is the gun's cartridge holder lock. Using some well-fitted plastic cases doesn't work as it does with normal guns. No idea what to do there beside the rather flimsy but functional solution I'm having right now. Anyway, this is something I'll have to do some other day. Tomorrow will be filled coding, writing and Harry Potter movies in the background. Or Indiana Jones - I'm uncertain about this.

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