Deadlines are good for you

I never this in such a direct way, but wherever I have to get something done some time, I'm asking for a deadline or date. It's a very important fact to know, especially cause they can get huge productivity boost of you. I haven't actually met many persons in my life that work better without deadlines. Then again are those who never get anything done with deadlines or not - usually raging against deadlines in any way. Personally, I believe they just don't want to get it done. I'm a lazy person, too, but I'm also motivated by necessity. Right now I'm experiencing the best example ever: having only a month left for my bachelor, I got my "reduce everything to important essence you'll get your marks for" spirit back. I'm able to perfect almost anything but I need a certain pressure and experience with things. Having no pressure will result in more time to get experience but having no experience will just increase pressure. I'm very glad about this set deadline as it makes my code more minimal and shortens it down to the things that actually matter. Oh and my new task/resource manager system seems to work just perfect and nice as thought. I'm really happy about this - it took me over a year to learn about and perfection every detail. It's good that I made it my bachelor thesis. Haven't done that much progress for quite some time now.

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