Almost done, almost

It's been quite a hard week. Finished my bachelor thesis, documented and debugged a shitload of code, rewrote third of the thesis a bunch of times and now I'm ready to print and bind it. Then just add a CD and I'm officially done with it! Well, a little presentation if they accept the thesis and I'm free to go. Oh boy - this would mean beeing done with the bachelor, having an academic agree and so on! Fuck, yes. I was always looking forward to this. But whichever way I'm turning it, I'm not fully lucky with what I see. Sure, it was a heck of work, I can use the results everday if I want and I reall stand to my work. But damn, I wish I sorta relax right now instead of when it's officially over. Still have to work out some presentation with pretty pictures. Geez, I hate pretty pictures in presentations.

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