Some more recent Lego gun concepts

Over the last few days I've been working on some new Lego gun mechanics and also did an intensive research about how to realize a performant crossbow build build that doesn't bend Lego part. My current experiment consist of a bow with two "compressible"/spring-collapsable parts that feature limited rotation capabilities of around 45°. Combined with a wheel on each side and a closed bow string with on end below and the other atop the crossbow part, the bow ends can rotate 90° each for maximum compression. My initial idea was to create a Lego crossbow that can be drawn using a lever while rotating a cylinder since there's no string preventing rechambering. The problem's just that you'll still sorta need to bend Lego parts this way due to varied force vectors - pulling electrically might to trick but meh, that's not what I had in mind. The 90° compression stretches more than the rubber bands but the actual compression length is much less. I doubt is has more potential than my previous variant. The prolonged acceleration however could be more than I though - too bad I'll have to build a complete one before I can the bigger picture. So yeah, I'm having the same conceptional problems over and over again, whatever I do. I thought about still keeping the rubber band approach but modifiying it's release mechanic a bit to one that's more open to rechambering while charged. The idea behind this is to make the barrel open to a pin inserted from the bottom that'll pull the rubber band. Once fully stretched, the operation would feed a single projectile from bottom or top right before locking the projectile and releasing the rubber band. Cause the locking will work like in my 3x3xn cartridge design, the gun's ready to shoot it the rubber band pull mechanic is released. Interestingly, this would give a safety mechanic cause it won't shoot until you do a second action. That's around 5 small actions in total to shoot the gun, bah. Anyway, automating a bit here and there could make it viable I think. Atleast I'd have a step forward to automatable feeding mechanics. Of course I'll need to create a first model for it - otherwise I wouldn't be able to perfect the design and adapt to fit more automated mechanics. Design-wise it'd be a single-shot, bolt-action-alike model since you'd have to pull the rubber band all the time, leaving the chamber widee open after every shot. Hm, I guess it'd be a good idea to like the projectile lock to a flap designed to cover the open chamber. One shot and it'd open... Sounds nice to me.

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