Not what I planned but anyway

The last two days and nights I've spent bilding on Lego guns. Not the ideas I had but rather improve of the model lying around for more than a year. The one I haven't even made pictures of and it's nearing completition in many ways. One thing I did was a minor bullet improvement which will allow smoot chambering and cartridge collision/sliding in later models. Looks sorta bad-ass right now. The second is a stock for the yet not showcased double-barrel rifle. I think it's time the finally give it a name: cartridge rifle mark III. Why mark III ? Mark I was the first design ever with a giant cartridge, one-shot and break-action. Mark II I never posted about cause it never felt good or event finished. It was flawed and too crude in construction and design. Mark III however didn't see any real finish for more than a year and the improvements over mark II are astronomical (including a final stock and bullet holders). However, it's still only the next level in a long line of improvements. It seems that this is my ultimate, personal quest of endless possible improvement. The thing everything should need in his life. I'm interested in how mark IV may look some day. I can only guess that it'll take more than a year to even know anything about. On the other side I feel bad for not following my plans to continue my bachelor work. I wanted the implementation part done this year (== what I achieved) but also the functionality and improvement tests. Emotionally I felt that I need to work and finish this gun to feel any sort of happiness or satisfaction. I was a dum brick in my heart and now it's gun for some time. That's the sort of feeling you get by not caring about your own creations. And yes, I do feel satisfied now. I could go on but I'd would loose any other progress in my life. Finally I know what to do when I get too old to work anymore. Hoping that I'll never need to justify my Lego gun work for whatever reason.

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