Hotline Miami

there's an outstanding game called "Hotline Miami" a friend recommended to me. It's basically a top-down, insta-death game with stealth and speerun elements. You're playing some sort of killer instructed by seemingly nonsensic phone calls which will ultimately turn you into an excessively violent killing machine (Miami in the 80s as the game description mentions). It's like playing Dead Island for the first time ever while attempting to speedrun it on a one-shot-one-kill-super-fast-zombie diffculty. In two words: totally awesome! Exceptionally well-down presentation, an occupying soundtrack and very challenging, fast-paced gameplay. It's not impossible nor unfair, just based on death penalty for almost all wrong steps you can take followed by an almost immediate level segment restart. Oh and it even has an intriguing character concept: every time you start a level, you can put on a different animal mask giving you extra power like deadly hand-to-hand combat, the ability to survive a single shot, more gun drops and similar stuff. Every bit of the map has visibility properties to help beeing undetected or exposed to a dozen shotguns. There's even a limited sound-based orientation for the enemies which also have their own slightly varyings path and behaviour. It's actually the best killing simulator I ever encountered. Downsides are rather flimsy controls (though gamepad works quite well) and a less optimal menu system. Compared to what ingenius experience you get, however, it's nothing to bitch about. I should play more Indie games I discover via TIGSource (yes, I'm still reading blog part of this site) cause some community member do their very, very well. Despite my still persistent disagreement about the technology behind.

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