Gun Disassembly 2

Do you know how difficult how it is to get any quality gun schematics for the sake of understanding, not to mention the hurdle of understanding them? It's probably a lot easier to buy a gun, replica or even toy gun to get the informations you want. However, there's an ingenious piece of software called Gun Disassembly 2, essentially a 3D animated version of those + schematics you can use to operate and observe the gun in different views. The name itself of course suggest assembly and disassembly, too, but that's not of interest to me. There's a real pack of different guns to selected. They modeled all internal parts and animations, packed them into different layers and made immensive comprehension it possibly to everyone. The software itself is free but you have to pay for the gun models (bought 7 models and got 40% discount). You can view any detail you want and possibly even incorporate your own animation data judging from the various debug options (just hit the 'd' key). I really recommend a try if you're into gun smithing, Lego/toy guns or just own a gun and want to understand it better. Also, if you never owned a gun or don't want to get one just to see how it looks under the hood (like me) you can't it high enough. It's the thing I always wanted in the past. Like all the gun schematics I ever desired to see in a single package. For example, I was able to find a revolver mechanic that's simple and sturdy enough to be done in Lego guns. I think I know what to do the time I'm building a Lego gun...

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