How to distract colleagues

Every tried how to really break the thinking cycle of some fellow programmers? Personally, I rather like to know how people work in what sort of internal schedule - what will stop their concentration and so on. Some just sit their and you can do nothing to distract them. Some try hard to have influence be part of their thinkage, though the output is the same - with or without. Personally, I'm more of a dude thinking all the time until I code something that will work fine for a while. Therefore I often think during off-work times and code when I'm at work. However, I get distracted by people talking loud, desiring my attention or anything like that. but I like distractions from time to time and I know that it's never a good thing to cycle over one thought. Some distraction is always good to feel the wind blowing again. Anyway, how does detect what kind of thinking cycle another colleague has? Difficult I have to say. Sometimes they get distracted extremely fast or just yell at anyone disturbing them. If you're alternating departments often, this is a tricky part as it may damage later relationships. My current tactic is to distract them in different situations until I find out more about their cycle. Of course do I not want to do any actual damage, but it's good to know whether they have a similar focus pattern. I really feel sorry all the time I disturb them, but do you really know whether THEY know what kind they are? Most don't. They just follow what's driving them.

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