An interesting experience

Ever tried writing a parser to parse a language easing the creation of further parsers? No? Well, certainly nothing really need to do in your life, but a very interesting experience I can tell you! It's a good test whether your own parser is versatile enough for a reallife parsing task - it can enable you detect stuff you've never seen before! Seriously, the best thing is to the stuff you need to invent using either the actual you wanted to archieve or by writing something that'll fully depend on it. A parser will depend on beeing able to parse what he should parse - if the parser's designed to parse other languages... do so! Invent something descriptive! Go wild! It's like optimizing for what it's supposed to be optimized... Exactly what you want. I really love doing this at the moment. It's a bit slow but the more you try from time to time, the better it becomes and it's eventually able to do everything you'd do with a parser. Totally awesome! Plus you can work on beeing able to parse every shit you want. I wonder whether it's possible to abstract this a bit and get a binary version of it - think about the possibilities! One format to fit all! Load stuff optimized without caring about writing algorithms anymore! Just tell your parser how it works! I truly start to love the idea. It's what I code for.

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