Ramblings about Dark Souls

I'm currently recorded a lot of videos for my Lets Play channel on Youtube and the majority of this stuff is Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition. It's one the few games in existance that were exactly what I've seen before. I had a hard time waiting for the PC version and eventually considered buying an XBox. Glad I didn't do it cause I wouldn't be able to simply record it using Fraps then. Anyway, I'm playing it for a week now and it became my new favourite. What's making this game so special then? It's unique. It's damn unique in everything, though I read that some haters said it copied a lot from it's predecessor (which's totally normal as they share a lot in common). This game feels like in difficulty. Normally, you don't even notice when you get attacked except when getting hit. This game brings your perception of combat and awareness to a degree, where you feel the damage right in the moment where you notice that it's too late, where the next 3 seconds won't prevent you from getting hit - whatever you do. Paranoia and Observation suddenly becomes a key to winning the battle. Event if this wouldn't be the case, the game has a degree of polish you'll rarely ever encounter in the world of video gaming. Mindblowing is the way the developers squeezed the game world's size. Sitting at Firelink Shrine, you can see a shitload of things and from almost every other place in the world, it's possible to see which way you came. Even in ugly and deep-down Blighttown you'll notice that you're at the ever-persisting fortress' feet. You can even look up and you'll see the giant tree from Firelink Shrine, though far enough away to drain any hope for a quick return. I haven't played Demon's Souls, but I also don't want to as I see Dark Souls more varied atmosphere and world as an improvement that made me like it. From what I've seen, I've found Demon's Souls way to focussed on blood and wretched flesh to be appealing. And that's what Dark Souls does better in my opinion: it's an open world with facets beyond story-bound locations, not a plain level hub leading to even uglier depths. Like somebody turning the lights on in the next room. Anyway, I'm not sure whether I would've bought the game without watching Let's Plays of it before. What's a game if the only thing you know is that it's called extremely hard? Well, I could also grab some stone-old video games and try de-riddle them completely. So, why did I buy it anyway? Well, this game is made of stuff you can't express in advertisements, reviews or trailers. It took me a full Let's Play to appreciate what it offers and what it demands. A fair game non-the-less. You just need to be aware of the fact that it doesn't repeat itself. If it does, you've probably paid enough to hear it again. Sure, this post doesn't anything but it's what I can state on my own. It's a game for your mind, made to challenge and reward. There's no prince or princess to rescue, not touching story to follow. It's just there, waiting for you to master it's world with rewards most equal to deep satisfaction.

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