Vacation, finally

The quite lengthy process of getting my first bit of vacation finally deriddled itself. Working in a company where you're often almost the only one in your department is... well, let's just say I'm not too keen to leave my post but I have a right for vacation anyway! I'll use this week to do my bachelor proposal (yep, I finally learned that it's not called exposé in english...) and - when I'm done - do some more coding for ITK so that I can release a more up-to-date version of it. I got tons of cool stuff that I'd like to release this way. I know nobody will ever use this, but I want atleast have something to show proper stuff can be written and designed using C. I'm also working on some answers to all the ugly C++ implementations of everyday stuff, so that one can theoretically leave everything C++ behind. Even if it helps just one person to get something or to show my lead programmer some proof of dead-simple high performance solution - I think it's worth it then. It's the same as with the Let's Plays I've recorded so far. As long as there's one dude or dudette finding it interesting or entertaining or enjoyable for whatever reason, I think I archieved my goal. I rarely get more than 10 views on my parts and depending on the game, most parts don't even have views. But in time it gets more and somebody may even consider subscribing. I should really do my stuff in English instead of German cause I don't have any German forums to advertise my stuff. There's an interesting tutorial about how to get views on Youtube and I'm more than convinced that I need some sort of community activity to get any views at all (which reflects why my views where higher when I did some commenting here and there).

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