Just a random, totally unrelated and untitled note: I managed to write a little batch script that'll automatically mix, convert and concatenate Fraps and Teamspeak recordings like when doing Let's Plays. This is something I wanted since I started all the stuff and now I can let the script run all day while I'm at work and it'll convert, arrange and rename all files as I'd do manually. Awesome! This will make my life a lot easier and increase the potential amount of video material I can record. It also increases the possibility of doing totally random Let's Plays (possibly English, too!) as I don't need to worry about it anymore.

Yeah, I totally wanted to do this. I though about a portable C version but naah, you'd need to reinvent all the awesome shorteners you get otherwise. I'll tune the script a little bit to also optionally clean up the temporary data if it's done so I don't run out of disk space while at work. Finally some good use of the batch skills I acquired at work!

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