Let's Lego once again

Did some more legoish things today (all the programming made me sorta grumpy) and created a good replacement for the firing pin my current cartridge-based Lego gun has. The rather lengthy and heavy construct I used so far can be replaced with one of the bigger Lego springs as they have enough power to trigger a cartridge. I can also combine them with the trigger setup I use, so it's two Lego springs vs. one spring and 2 rubber bands - an improvement I can tell you! Yeah, there's not much to say about this fact except that I still need to find a good way to house the whole thing. I'm having a bunch of ideas how to continue from there if I get in the mood it and I also found a promising way to trigger the WIP muzzle loader in the same way I triggered my current model. It's all quite modular and simple to realize, so I just need a good action to implement, too. I'd like to do the next step for my cartridge guns in the next model. A combination of multiple cartridges but one trigger. Or just a clever setup where I can combine cartridges into one block and cycle it. Not sure, not sure. Or I'll once again just stick to something simple but with improved cartridge and gun model in general. It'd be nice have a better cartridge model with the same ballistic improvements I did with the muzzle loader barrel (rolls to stretch the rubber band even further). Yeah, maybe I can archive this somehow. Shouldn't be too hard, but it'd make the whole cartridge more or less bigger at tone point... Don't know. I'll just see what comes to my mind and combine stuff in the end. Though I'd really like to have to muzzle loader features in my cartridge... Also, though I wanted a muzzle loader, the barrel requires a shitload of important parts as I now notice. That's not good by default. I already ran out-of-parts with my last model. Soo, I'll merge them eventually and build a simple but updated new version of it while still keeping the old cartridge model. Need to have a history of models, you know! Hm, maybe I should also try to get my hands on a proper sighting system... Something adjustable that doesn't modify it's state every bounce. Yeah, why not try to do a fully-fledged model with the new simplified and slim designs I created today. That'd be one hell of an improvement if it makes the stuff work nicer, smaller, shoot farther and more accurate.

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