I shouldn't use such titles anymore

I think I'm gonna rewrite some bits of the threading logic. Simplify stuff, add failsafe mechanics here and there... I can't find the bug in the current system and that's bugging me to no end! This will take me a lot of time I think, atleast until I found a good way to prevent all problems. I'm not sure about it, but something tells me that most stuff is right but only a few bits don't work. I know I'm pushing this around for quite a while now, so it's necessary to get over it. I found a simplified version of the workaround which only involves waiting for the nth fired event where n is the number of total threads. I mean everything else works fine and itk_app is bloated anyways. Yeah, this should do the trick. Doing some sync stuff in the end does not harm to the final product, in any way. It even works relatively 20 threads, so who cares... Woohoo, problem solved! I'll try whether I can exterminate some crude mechanics while solving everything via the event system. Hm, need to check this twice with some uber-random ressource usage before continuing. Still, since it made the old non-working stuff working, I shouldn't bother adding it elsewhere, too.

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