Gotcha, right?

Rejoice! I finally got around finding out why my multithreading system crashes on end and I finally found an interesting answer which actually states since each thread has it's own stack, it's by no means threadsafe to pass these variables to other threads due to context switches. I had my suspension about but found no obvious clue as it would work in a single context (multi core, I smell you!). But I do already know, I can try to make my event code to use to volatile keyword to tell it to not let it sink away on context switches or by making all event request dynamic and delete them via itk_app. Oh man, I hope this is the real solution to my problem as I clearly don't have the time or nerves to always would on it in my freetime. I mean sure, it's all hobby (except for the fact that I'll use it for my bachelor!) but I started this with 100% use of freetime, not counting the stuff I do now need to come down after working Well, let's that this will work. I'll try it on my way to work - awesome to have a laptop for such situations!

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