A general linux distribution frustration

Once a while I decide to install a new and updated linux version. And geez, it's one hell of evil energy every time I do. The phrase "never stop a running system" should mark everything I do with linux, but apparently it's nothing to stop from doing stupid on and on again. So far, the only linux distribution I manage to properly flatten and cleanup all the time is Linux Mint 9. Version 13 is a total mess of bastard apps and everything else based on Ubuntu does the same. Who cares about GNOME or MATE if you can have Xfce. Then again, the majority of Xfce distributions does elementary things wrong... I don't know what to do with my system right now. I don't want a complete DIY distribution cause I it's horrible to setup all the things that make a usable operating system. There are a few live CD system I'd like to have as directly installed operating system, but these also suck at giving competent instructions how to do so. Guess I'll tinker around and grab specialist distribution with a modular system like used on the Pandora. It's the only functioning linux system I'm having right now, so I'm just gonna type all my stuff this way...

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