Why didn't I buy another console

I've been stuck with PC gaming after the Wii came out. I realized that I'm not part of the targeted audience and that I strongly dislike gestures in video games and how they were used in almost every game. However, I love Nintendo games because they are just quality in most cases and didn't want to miss the new Mario and Metroid games. So I stuck with the Wii, used it when a good game came out (I can count them with just two and a half hand). Everything else was PC gaming and quite often I regretted my decision. I didn't like the XBox so much, a Playstation 3 was still expensive and the games didn't interest me. But now after everyone's shooting rumours about new console generation, there are so many interesting small games for the PSN network that I somehow regret not beeing able to play them. Somehow sad. I wish they would release interesting stuff in the beginning and not just the random raw starter titles. Anyway, I bought the slim PC2 version years after it's prime time and had a few nice games for it (including the Jak and Daxter and the odyssey of Okami). I hope they will release a slim XBox or Playstation 3 so that I can finally play all those games I always wanted to play but couldn't. After all, I'm a loyal fan of Nintendo, though they did decisions with the Wii I didn't like. I'm looking forward to their new console and what studios they can motivate to program for it.

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