Things that had to be done

Did some mental clean-up and reworked some bits of my code. Looks way nicer now and mood improved by a certain amount. Also, I finished uploading the last bits of my Nox Let's Play and uploaded it to Youtube. I guess I'm gonna link it under "output" on the left side of this blog, though it's all in German and thus sorta out-of-scope for these reading my blog (if there are any out, which I rather doubt). So yeah, got a few things but felt that I need a new Let's Play to do. I really like doing comments on video games, it pleases the talker in me - something I can't completely satisfy when just talking with people because they either ignore me or don't show any interest in what I'm talking. That's why I'm having my blog, too, so I can write whatever I want... Anyway, I've chosen to make a Lets's Play of Alien Shooter 2 (Alien Shooter: Vengeance in the states) and played through the half game in one session - considerably faster than my Nox Let's Play which's in total 26 hours long for mage and summoner (though I wasn't able to finish it with the summoner due to broken save games). Previously I recorded video and sound using Fraps and Teamspeak up to a certain amount of free harddrive space. I combined the videos into one series in Avidemux, extracted the audio and merged comment and audio using Audacity with a fixed mix ratio. At last, I started rendering audio and video together for every single recording series. Fraps' way of splitting avi every 4 GB is way annoying but who cares if works in the end. In the end this process took always very long and I couldn't just do a few clicks and then something else while waiting as I had to mix and render all the audio again and again (worse for editing). So I've come up with a nice little work flow: First insert all session videos into Avidemux and extract the audio at Teamspeak's 48000 Hz sample rate. Then mix comment and video audio for the first time in Audacity and choose a aplitude mix ratio (for me, it's around -4/-5 db for the game audio and +10 db for comments). Then just insert and convert for every session, it's usually fast enough to not beeing hindered or occupied to not read or browse meanwhile. The advantage of this is that you can just grab your files from the explorer windows and drag'n drop it. This works the same way for video, so once the audio has been rendered you can theoretically remove the source audio/comments (I don't mind recording comments later if something happens - did this to cover some recording mistakes for my Nox Let's Play). Now the rest is just drag-dropping videos in Avidemux and selecting the appropriate audio render. Plain and simple, I can continue rendering next and program while it is doing it's busy work. Add a bit of music or a low-res Youtube and you can do fruitful things, too! This works way better than the old method and doesn't occupy me all day. If Avidemux would only support segment splitting. This could solve even more problems and I wouldn't need to render individual videos. But well - this also requires full-length audio files and I I know that my way of recording comments carries a certain bit of time beeing longer than the video's audio. That said, it's still wayyyy better than before!

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