That's all just bullshit

Nah, my renderer system is sort of bullshit right now. I don't like the way how it's done internally. I like the idea of giving a list commands and repeated inputs, but each command requires the same amount of all-same stuff done to be quick for single commands as well as all repeated ones. I'm not sure how to continue from there, but I need something that's cleaner to realize. Need to think about this. It's not like I want it to be rigt now. still believe in the original idea, but I need to organize it better. It's a combination of how I form scren content and how I imagine a proper domain-specific VM. But I should not try to hard on this - after all, I'm only getting into such moods if there's a trade-off to be done. And I'll probably go back to a more pipeline-alike archeitecture where similar things happen at the spots, so that only a few things have to be repeated. Yeah, I know, no one has this sort of problem when programming stuff, but I do. I'm a perfectionist and I need to follow this somewhere before everything gets nasty. Currently, I'm not even interested in continuing the work at this, so imperfect it is! I'll go back to redesigning everything from top to bottom in a way that it's easy to use and easy to program while still beeing efficient. A complete conceptual rewrite without forcing a reuse of old features or so. Gaaahhhh, this is driving me nuts. Also, why in hell does it take so for good games to come out this year. I've been for quality for a very, very long time.

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