So that's it or what?

Matrices seem damn trivial to implement to me for some reason. You can find all needed base operations, can multiply them for quick later calculations and multiplying it with vectors is even simpler. I don't complain at all, it's all great cause I don't like to spend most of the time caring about implementing math. If everything works out right, I should be able to implement position via SDL and OpenGL this night and spend the weekend on adding the graphics stuff. I'm very surprised about this since it's one of the major "creep factors" about math in my life. Well, it seems similar to like getting over fears like beeing alone in the dark as a child or learning how to something you always wanted to be able to. But the most awesome thing ever is that I get more and more ideas about how to optimize all the shit in my previous OpenGL projects and what new stuff is possible right now in 2D. Matrices are THE shit I tell you! If you haven't quite got around this stuff and feel you want to in some way, just do it if the moment's right. It's worth having a custom library at hand.

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