So I played Legend of Grimrock

First of all, there are very few games I look forward to and most of the time I'm preordering them. Grimrock was no diference but it's one of those games were not customizing everything is quite a fail by default. The first hour I was rather happy to everything that happened to me including until I died because I couldn't cope with the default party. I died many more times, so I started my own set of characters with two minotaurs and two mages, which worked way better. Grimrock can be quite tough if you don't watch your movement and actions. This wouldn't be a problem to me within a round-based gameplay, but this is realtime, so it's more difficult to me. I mean I'm used to roguelikes and games where you can somehow take a pause, take a look at your possibilities and not worried about dying the next moment.

Sooo, I have mixed feelings about the gameplay, but everything else is just superb. Greatly optimized graphics output (rather easy with those large, repeated grid elements), wonderful animations and a nicely done set of interaction ideas. However, there seems no music but some dungeony growling in the background. The sounds aren't really fitting to what's happening (snails still sound like they hit you and the minotaur's grunt doesn't exactly sound like "I'M HIT"). Would've been nice to have it a bit more fitting. Sure, with no music you have to do your show somehow, but confusing sound choices are rather... Well, let's just say it could've been done better. Though, the legionairy's marching sound is totally terrifying - I bet stuff like that makes it good again.

Anyway, it feels great to play nontheless. I haven't played that many pure dungeon crawlers beside Roguelikes and the last one I finished was Orcs & Elves on the Nintendo DS. Grimrock is a totally different level, way higher and with a lot of polishing done to the graphics. It simply looks correct, that's it. Just like a modern dungeon crawler should look like. There's nothing I can say agains it, the game doesn't give me any possible weak point besides the default party to nitpick about. Then again I'm a very systematic player and can't cope with too mixed strategies. I always preferred to specialize in something if it's not too generic.

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