The "Real Programmer" legend

I found an article about the so called "Real Programmer" in a rather random fashion on Wikipedia. It's fascinating to think of: every generation of programmers will see the previous generation as more real programmers than what they are, in a humorous way. They make fun of them as much as those claimed real programmers make fun of non-real programmers. It's a matter of fact that different kinds of programmers tend to discriminate each other in different ways, in an obvious or mre subtile way. Just think about what a hardcore old-fashioned C programmer would say when fixing a Java programmer's super-blown class construct which actually works fine in production code. For both, it's totally annoying: the high level Java dude getting seemingly corrected by the old fart not respecting his new ways of coding.

As a matter of fact, I rather dislike this sort of thinking, but it always comes to my head when talking with fellow students. They see my code and look away. I see their code and want to fix it. The differences in preferred paradigms and positive experiences with it is something that has followed me in the past quite often. Maybe I'm just too arrogant to use the same stuff others do and see them inferior to what's in my head. Or maybe think the same of my stuff.

In any way, there's no real way of not think of possible paradigm collisions. And I bet you do your own part by not appreciating other people's methods that different more or less from your own. Either this or you just know that specific programming is not the only thing in your life and that you identify with different than what you're specialized in.

Get real!

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