Random rants about family

I usually try to limit this blog to technical stuff and awesome video game-related and some other things I do as hobbies (Lego, Music and so on). But sometimes I can't help but need to express myself in a place where I can do so because it's anonymous and nobody of the involved persons would look it up.

So yeah, this is about annoying things happening in house of weirdos, a result of two completely different and significantly sized families. One side is conservative and specialized, beeing not very open but quite smart and rather tolerant about other people's business if it doesn't get in their way. The other is a huge pack of foolisch every-day people taking everything the medias bombard them with while ignoring everything they can't cope with or comprehend. So it's a clash of different worlds that only matches when it comes to food. Conversely, me as a vegetarian and my sister as vegan will need to sit with all them and have some sort of lunch with them in a very ugly, arch-conservative, traditional German food serving restaurant to celebrate a great-grandma's 90th birthday. Honestly, the German cuisine is a true nightmare to us two. The only option we will have is to eat dull potatos and overcooked broccoli or so. All in a terribly hunter-themed room with trophies hanging all over the place. Combined with this horrible company of stupid TV techno zombies it's a tripple horror show we won't like to endure very long. I mean I'm used to "celebrate" dull birthdays of other relatives like grandparents or so, but my great grandma is actually 90 years old and LOVES this stuff we totally dislike (with the few active brain cells she has left). I won't try to hide my own attitude towards this topic: relative, parent, random people or not - I don't care what sort of relationship people have to me, it's what they are, what they do and what they think. I know that they don't care about vegetarions, I know that they disrespect other livings that are not like them (may they be animals or humans, I don't care anymore). Thus, I don't care either and would prefer to spend my day with actualy freeday and not having to sit there, endure stupidness and also travel the whole day with my parents which are either exactly like the rest or so deviant that it hurts to live with them.

All in all it's a big chunk of frozen shit wrapped in a nazi flag. As if it isn't enough, the process of getting information about whether it's possible to get atleast vegetarian food creates bitter days of discussion with all family members. It's my great-grandma's 90th birthday after all and I can't really say no because it's sort of inappropriate. She can't doesn't really has the power to change what she is now and thus, I don't want to step infront of her and telling that I won't come because I don't like the deer heads there she can't even properly see anymore. Those moments always make me dislike those differences between generations. But totally independent from my great-grandma is the fact that all her offsprings are just completely foolisch and ignorant. I mean I could live with just doing the same and not seeing my family anymore. But this wouldn't make me better, nor would it help making their minds greater than a bean.

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