Didn't do much productive programming the last days, which totally bugs me. One of the advantage when working on stuff completely alone with no real schedule is that you can possibly just drop stuff and start on something different without finishing it. A real problem for productivity if you ask me and I'm not of a good organizer to make strict schedules for all the stuff that I could do when working on my own stuff. Anyway, I once again realized that those moments always occur when I don't like how stuff is done in the code - in the current case, it's about no havin well enough defined structure for my renderer input. It's all quite non-structured and it's really no good idea to continue this way. It's so trivial but so easy to not do. To sorta quote the dude from TheJapanChannel on Youtube: the hardest choices are usual the better ones. Thus, I better take the time tomorrow to do something properly defined. Something so structured that you won't find ANYTHING that's not documented via symbols.

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