Not practical right now

After reading that much about how to setup shaders with OpenGL, I felt urged to work a bit on IGE's 3D support and the general input itself. I've chosen simple functions before because it was a very quick thing to do and SDL didn't offer more stuff to support. However, having SDL and OpenGL functionality that's a bit more flexibility with the whole buffer xy index etc and so on using structs to generate screen content does simply generate a huge load of structures. I started to use anonymous unions instead and hope that this will reduce the declaration load. I mean this stuff won't be used in other places and it's actually just constructed to feed the algorithm one time with almost always constant data. This concept becomes interesting but it's "just" some sugar to work around declaration-heavy but small functions. The more I think about how hard it is to dynamically build data structures from a growing context, the more I'd appreciate a compiler going through a source file and generating structure content one may be able to modify. This does of course not lead to fixed and wel-defined data organization but sometimes, you know, sometimes it would be just awesome to have it.

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