Nope, not this semester

Narf, sometimes you just fooled yourself and you'll have to try stuff again, sooner or later. For me, I did a minor mistake leading to a greater problem which I probably already explained in a few post before. Anyway, now I definitely need to delay my bachelor by a semester. It makes me a bit sad, but it also means that I can make a longer internship and thus get more experience. It makes it possible to avoid certain paragraphs occuring when doing an internship in time, so the delay actually brings something good I haven't thought about before. Longer internship, more time for the bachelor, more freedom... Shouldn't worry about it too much. So any students delay their studies by even more more than semester, so I don't think that I should feel guilty now or something like that. In fact, I didn't fail any exams, my marks are quite good imho and I can even figure out a plan B in case that my bachelor topic is not enough for the profs.

All in all, stuff will go on and eventually it will make more experience with what I'm doing. Some actual references are always good when applying for jobs and internships. Not those custom engines I write. They are more like what needs to find it's way out of my head. I'm talking about the time you've spend in video game studios and on what professional projects you've worked on.

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