Network Attached Storage

Me bought a network attached storage! Yep, I always wanted one. Why? Well, I can directly save bigger downloads on it, can share the stuff between all my computers, can give other FTP access via own accounts etc and so on. It's a cool thing, but the transfer rates are sort of low compared what it felt with a little USB stick. I don't know enough about the actual differences between HDD, Ethernet, USB protocols and flash memories (an area totally not of my profession since I'm just a programming nut), so I can't say much about it or just need to test it. I get around 11 MByte per second when writing from on HDD or Ethernet to the NAS, which seems to be quite fast according the a review site. This speed is enough to run backups of my old HDD data which currently resides ony my laptop only. I'm always concerned about loosing my backup data since a mainboard fault, so I hope that I can move my data tomorrow while testing how many other PCs I can simultaneously use to copy data on it.

I've been thinking about using it as the target for my recording with Fraps. A 1680x1050 RGBA screen is about 6.7 MByte per screenshot, so I can roughly get 2 frames per second when having an 11 MByte rate. Not really great, but I'm not gonna record in that high resolutions. Also, Fraps probably also does some minor lossless compression on it, so it should be less. Recording at half the size would bring a factor of 4, meaning I can record at 8 frames per second with compression. Taking a real-world example with 4 minutes clocking at 4 GB and 60 FPS at sort of more than semi-half resolution, I'd need 17 MByte per second when recording. The usual size for 1024x768 seems 5 minutes and 4 GByte, so the required rate would clock at around 13.7MB per second at 60 FPS. Hm, recording at half the screen rate should decrease the required rate by half, gonna try this right now...

Anyway, I have a new toy to play and work with. Makes me much happier to finally see me having a proper backup place for stuff like that. Hooray!

Edit: Did a bit of testing and it seems that I can record Nox at 1024x768 and the native 30Hz with no problem. However, I'll still record Teamspeak audio via the internal harddrive to keep the bandwidth low. Very very fine, but increasing the resolution and framerate makes stuff a lot slower. I tried it with Legend of Grimrock at full resolution and 60 Hz. This brought me around 8 frames, so I way roughly right. However, half framerate and screen resolution was perfect for low resolution recording and playing was also absolutely acceptable.

So since I'm against full HD recording for new, ultra-detailed games (you should play the game yourself if the developers can still profit from it), I'm gonna limit myself to older games that don't run at such high resolutions framerates. Or just scale it down. I'm still looking for a new game to let's play after Nox... I'm almost through, the last recordings will be done using the NAS, so I can't run out of harddrive space. And I don't think that I'll exceed the 1 TByte in some time...

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