Life, Universe and Debugging

The last few days were quite eventful to say the least. Best of all, I got my contract for the intership I was waiting for for so long. It's awesome, a real-world game studio and I can be a part of it to get into the industry! Like most other people they wondered why I was mostly using C for my stuff and not C++ and I wonder myself, too, why all seem to wonder. Just because it's oldschool, it doesn't say anything. Anyway (I should not always try to random comments on this), one of the interviewer pointed out that my SDL mutex wrapper in ITK is not threadsafe. At first it felt sort of embarassing (image the situation - in an interview and you applied with this stuff as a sample), but then again it doesn't actualy change the state of beeing bugged. I removed the unnecessary, non-threadsafe bs but it's still the same result. However, using gdb once more and checking the stack for absolute perfectness, I got another rather simple point: the error happens with an list iteration in the event listener resumer (itk_event_happen). Right in the iteration, nowhere else. Since the values are totally consistent, the pointed addresses might now - they do actually use local variables from other threads. So the real problem is that I'm having this sort of problem since ages and didn't think it be could related to it. Well, debuggers are great for showing you stuff, but it still doesn't help you actually figuring it out. And in such an amount of high-density code, it's easy to overlook.

That said, everything went awesome and the future's safe for now! Also, I managed to get a nice Let's Play recording routine and video splitting/converting does also work well. The resulting image quality is a bit false but that's just a matter of time to I get it right. Too bad that the Let's Play I started (Nox) had some sort of savegame fault and so I'm not able to continue. This is highly annoying and I wasn't able to find any way to fix. A shame, totally. But this gives me enough room to start something else...

Also, if you havn't noticed, Dark Souls is coming out for PC! Wave yer flags and sharpen you spears: this is definitely omething I'll Let's Play after Legend of Grimrock (which I haven't yet touched in any way but the menu).

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