Let's make it 2D! And philosophy!

After a rather eventful but disappointing day, I decided to tackle matrices and vectors once again and have to say that, not keeping focussed of n-dimensionality, it seems very simple to realize and use. I mean most problems I'm having with mathematics is to understand the way it was created and seperate what's definition and theory and what's practical and of use. Personally, I found OpenGL's matrix, position and rotation handling as simply perfect to learn how useful this stuff can be. Now that I'm thinking about to find some useful position in a 2D system as well, I'm having a hard time finding something that's more useful than a stack of matrices and trans/rot/scale commands.

So I've decided to build some the same operations for 2D positioning as well. Only difference is that there will be no vertices but drawing position for the drawing commands. I'm feeling a bit strange about randomly writing some stuff that *may* seem useful later and not starting to creating a complete game. All in all I just know that I'm not into doin random stuff or choosing the next best lib that seems available, so I can only sit here and code for what seems the next in having a custom engine for everything.

Those days where you're confronted with your own self-induced stuff though there was the opportunity to work with someone together on a completely different base you've never done and never will is... disgusting. To say the least. I mean everyone is what he is and can what he can and I can create little engine thingies that can be used for greater things, so this is effectively what I do. And writing this right here completely unrelated to anything I've written in the first part of the post may seems like some sort of reflection goin on in a young hardcore C programmer's mind. I never did something different and I don't plan to. The way I see games and programming is so different compared to all other attitudes I've encountered so far that I wonder whether there is actually a place where I feel perfectly fitting.

That's what's driving me nuts right now and for some reason I'd once again want to have some sort isolated time capsule to go through every aspect of game engine programming and realizing them parallely. For maximum self-irony I should start calling myself a "Real Programmer". Just to illustrate the strange, lonely relationship. Hey, that sounds like good catchy phrase...

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