Oh man, I can't remember how often I had my very special frustrations about video editing, recording and cutting as well as recording myvoice parallely. Anyway... all this is nothing compared to the utter shame of not pushing the recording button. Yep, I did. Three hours of Let's Play recording but no video and no audio. I guess you can imagine my current frustration and also the reason why I won't continue the one I was working one. I already did something similar before and with a game that only supports auto-save... no. Not to me, not to me. This made me think and I decided to only let's play games that don't have a lot of plays on Youtube. Or just those nobody was intereste in when they came out or so. There's a bunch of game that won't get or never got that much of attention, so it feels good to show the world how awesome they are.

But still, it's so damn frustrating! For sheer compensation reasons I started playing and recording Nox and got three hours of video and audio material. Lower resolution make recording more easy since Fraps's fps counter is way more visible... Geez, days like these totally suck. I wish there'd be some sort automatic recording start when speaking for the first time. Could make stuff easier to not miss.

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