What ugly

Oh, really. I picked up id software's "Rage" for about 20€ cause I was kind of curious how the whole looks and performs in the end (gameplay-wise, it's not worth my mind and especially not the 50€ I would've paid via Steam). And geez, what kind of crap game this is. They can't get themselves out of their low quality misery. I mean streaming textures to get less required loading times and an appropriate detail-to-distance ratio is one thing. But streaming a game which's detail textures are worse than those of better Game Cube games is a shame to the developers. I mean there are so few details in this game that streaming via popping up blocks is just not necessary. If the graphics would be just there, not flickering and constantly altering, I would've accepted this, but not at how it looks right now. Personally, I prefer quality over streaming and streaming only as far as it doesn't sacrifice visual quality. I guess that constantly streaming new data instead of reusing textures multiples is no good idea unless executed with more care and grace. No wonder why nobody's interested in "Mega Textures" due to that.

Even with a faster harddrive, even with exactly the same setup as the devs use to test their "hires" graphics, I doubt that it's worth counting on cause the details are still crappy for everything that's not a gun, car, our shootable person. Consistency is still nothing they count on, like most developers which's games I don't care about. How disappointing. Good that I didn't buy it for the full price. They better think about their steps towards streaming and take it easy. The first I played Half-Life 2 I believed the game was streamed because the scene transitions were so smooth. But then I noticed how cleverly they planted level data. Just take a look at Metroid Prime and you know what cleverly set transitions can do. And I tell you that Metroid Prime does still look worlds better than Rage currently does.

That said, I can't believe that some developers seemingly don't think about stuff like that. I mean ok, comparsing a console game to a multitude of different graphics cards is one thing, but a full-priced game that can't pack this is not worth it's full price on the PC.

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