What? They did it the same way?

I'm doing my best to not find it embarrassing that I found my "own" concept of just specifiying user buffers as coordinate inputs right integrated into OpenGL. It does of course not break my idea of specifying display contents but I feel a litle guilty not reading it before. Can't say whether this would've changed my design decisions but, you know, I could only make me realize the great idea faster. So, I'm actually feeling better knowing that I can map this stuff almost 1:1 without any hurdles or so. Having this sorted out, the next question is whether I can nicely integrate Vertex Buffer Objects (VBO) and Pixel Buffer Objects (PBO) to avoid constant bandwidth usage.

The OpenGL Programming Guide is a great ressource for all related stuff bringing your lights up each time you read it. I guess I'll simply use a single function converting all the color and vertex data generated by a display list string into a set of buffer objects on the graphics card. To draw it, one would just need to specify it via a command in the render string. Yep, that sounds like a good idea I guess! I'm in a rather delicate situation right now since spending my time on programming OpenGL stuff is a heavy distraction to me cause have to do some other organization stuff. I'm actually not completely able to keep different things running that aren't focussed on the same greater goal. Thus, I can either go on with a bunch of different programming things or do some organisational stuff. Not that I didn't try to overcome this in the past, but my head just doesn't work like that (sadly).

Anyway, it comes in more handy if it IS about programming, though.

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