I've uploaded an updated version of ITK with a few changes and a full documentation (though admittedly not at actually detailed amount). Also, the new version of the IGE atom demo is up and works at around 30 fps with ~2000 sprites. I'll stop development for a while now because I need to recharge my batteries after about 4 months of intense programming. This damn error gave me rest. Time to calm down and relax.

So yeah, the next weeks won't includ any programming content if everything works as it should. More gaming, more movies and the best of all - more Lego. Yes, I'll start sorting my Lego chest and look whether I can come up with non-gun models. Or I'll continue my still not finished muzzleloader model. Maybe I can find enough time to photograph my current one. All in all, I won't force my self to do keep any timeline. Just relaxing and and comftable activities!

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