Some plan changes

You know what? I got a bit sick of rendering polygons by hand once again. I mean I'm having an algorithm and that's fine and so on but I'm currently more interested in getting some things done, so I'll freeze my writings once again and do I always wanted to do since I created it: expanding IGE to feature full 2D sprites with scaling and rotation! I'm having a bunch of interesting ideas and I may also be able to nicely integrate full 3D scenes with all required pre-processing done like the z-ordering. Have to think about how to handle coordinate and so on. It's good that I finally start with all OpenGL-related things. I mean if my bachelor topic won't find any fertile ground, I'll have to do something graphical cause everything else is rather boring to make as a bachelor thesis. Well, the renderer/display list thingies is also interesting I have to say. A bit of a problem if you're only thinking and engines and stuff for games, so there's nothing really different to do than this. I'm probably just thinking too much about this and should finally get my expose done...

You know I'm not the one seeing necessity for paper work or formal descriptions unless is actually required. And an expose for a bachelor thesis is... Well, let's just say that I'd like to do a project and present it in the end without fiddling with those formal scientific bullshitteries which're so popular around universities.

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