Quick hardware fix

I found the reason for the overall instability of my Pandora unit: swapped screws! The right side had a screw not completely fitting and gripping correctly, so I swapped it with a single centered screw looking suspiciously close to the screw that should be somewhere else. I'm thankful for the fact that I don't need to do any hack to disassemble it. However, one should just not ram in screws as tight as possible because this will fix the shoulder buttons and prevent normal operation. Well, since the shoulder buttons aren't a breeze to operate (it's more of a "CLICK" with no comfort like the other keys), I don't care that much about it. The plastic becomes worse when when screwing all day long, so I'm once again not found of the material choice. Anyway, this all will be forgotten when clocking the CPU higher and experiencing games in full speed within needing to plugin a TV screen or console. Really awesome, I'm totally sold. Also, the fact that I can just program and compile stuff on it directly makes it even more interesting to me (though I'll need to train myself with the unusual keyboard).

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