Oh, that easy?

I've started rewriting IGE to utilize OpenGL and I'm surprised how much can be redued when just using only it's rendering instead of SDL. I mean it's direct, you don't need to cope with palettizing to get some effects and I cam do the scaling and rotation etc with needing to implement it on my own etc, etc. Also, OpenGL seems simpler and cleaner than I had in mind before. I guess it should be no problem to expand it with complete 3D scenes some day. However, until then I'm step-by-step upgrading it until I need/want to implement more. You know, I like a well-thought system that does do all the things I can imagine beeing nice and useful for my project(s?).

I'm wondering what has happened to my assignment. Been two weeks since, hm...
Well, if they don't want me I'm sure that I'll have enough stuff done meanwhile to get more points elsewhere. Though this would make me quite sad since I am/was really looking forward to this.

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