Oh my gosh, not again

Second time a day! Further night time reading of OpenGL stuff revealed that there are also so called display lists to compile OpenGL drawing sequences in a more efficient, repeatable way. At first I thought that this would make my stuff redundant, but it's actually not and I'm thinking about using it automatically in the background for certain commands that do not change much between frames. Gonna test this and check whether it is useful or too slow for realtime operation. Once again, the more I read about it, the more I'm getting ideas what's archievable and how. I thought it's more about writing all the stuff by yourself and ending up with more maths and shaders than it is healthy for your brain. Sure, that's the case when specially preparing model data, split it up into several spaces and so on. But still, I'm amazed how simple it seems to not worry about using the hardware more directly. Guess I have to face the fact that everything is as simple as I imagined when thinking about how such a render system has to work to archieve this amount of 3D. I'm very glad that I really don't to worry about it. Makes the whole area more appealing.

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