Non-Firefox browsers and ad blocking

Sometimes, as a Linux and Windows a user not Firefox and associated Adblock plugins, you'll run into some highly annoying advertisements on Youtube and Google products in general. I haven't used Firefox for a while now and am happy with Epiphany on Linux and Opera on Windows. Too bad that sometimes things just go wrong and ads will just be there. You can simly not avoided it and all browsers except Firefox with plugins slowly react in such cases. Epiphany is usually quite lovly in terms of Adblocking - haven't had Youtube ads in years, even without applying available updates. I don't know why, but it seems the lack of certain web tech support and I'm more than happy with it. But then again, on Windows, strange stuff pops up that doesn't occur when using Epiphany and Linux. Today was particularly annoying because of Youtube's extremely loud advertising I couldn't get rid of using Opera. I just had to wait for it and then it was gone. I mean the channel I was watching does just not have enough watchers to seriously get advertisement I guess. But still, Youtube tends so send out stuff if it thinks it may be of use.

How pathetic. So much money they got and still no end. Someone should really kick their balls.

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