Limited English

I've been watching the The Japan Channel for quite some time now and the more I compare English by non-natively English speaking person to German by non-natively German speaking persons, the more I wonder why the fuck I get their English but not their German. It's not just about the Japanese stuff (it's quite hard to actually find German speaking Japanese persons where I live) but also Russians, Chinese and whoever else. Just taking my last visit in a sushi restaurant as example, I did not understand even word before realizing that the staff was speaking German to me. Another couple of guests clearly spoke English and I was able to understand the staff's English but not the German. This makes me feel rather uncomftable. I mean English is simple compared to German and probably the language that's the easiest to learn, internationally. So either their English was just better than their German or I'm just not used to accents in German language. I don't know, it's like not knowing one's own language anymore.

Confusing as hell I tell you. Plenty of food for stereotypical thinking.

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