Oh my gosh, I really this day. I'm done documenting almost all modules but the convenience one and found a strange I didn't really use in the test code but should totally be used since it's a very comftable feature. So as I was recoding and executing the test program, I got segfaults and freezes again. And I thought they were gone! But I knew problem from the day I wrote the test program. It worked without the convenience model before but I overwrote the previous program, so I can't really look what I did differently. It should, however, completely work in theory (and it does, but not always). I even used macros for catching critical conditions on EVERY function call I used and the only thing I found was a rare event where a loaded ressource does have a data pointer though I passed the address of a global variable. It's something I have to find immediately. Can't leave this there without removing it.

Anyway, I added a few more macros here and there, removed old comments and added new ones. ITK is nearing Release 1 but without having fixed this error, I wont to upload anything. Damn, why does this always happen when I think I'm done. Fooking shite!

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