Could just not resist

Though I said that nothing programming-related will come for a while, I could just not resist and starting to code again. Did not attempt to fix the bug(s?) in ITK's app module but tinkered around with completely replacing C++ keywords and syntax with more basic-like keywords. It's interesting what you can do with macros this way. In the end, somebody with knowledge about the good ol' QBasic can read and write code without needing to learning to required C syntax (well, atleast some preprocessor directives should be in). Interesting but completely useless. I'm sort of glad to not always having to type IF THEN ELSE but use if(){} or just ?: for the ultimate shortener. I'm using elvis operator in macro expression and where they fit with obscuring the readability but would like to see them as a possible if-replacement some day. Makes the whole thing harder to read but reduces a programming language's syntax set a only a few operators when also shorting loops in similar fashion.

One day I tell you. One day there'll be a full language concept based on this. I'd love to have something like that as a scripting language for my engine. Just for the awesomeness' sake and code squeezability. Gotta write some parser functions...

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