Woohoo, my convenience modules is done. There are for sure some small bugs in it but I was able to port my test using the sub modules directly with this one in way more comfort and less code. It's very simple to use inside the given functions and I'm sort of proud when looking at my work in total. It's about 4000 lines of code, comments not counted. And the awesome thing that I can put this thing anywhere, even the Pandora! Oh man, I'm a happy person right now. I think I've earned a nice evening of playing Minecraft or Terraria. Now just a bit of commenting and I can put into my portefolio. I've decided to not licence is it right now but later, after getting an internship. I feel a bit safer this way. Who knows. Anywhere, ITK has reached a good level so far and I guess it's functionally ready for release. Requires a lot of parameter check and state machine transitions but that just something to be done aside. And, well, seems that this is also my bachelor work I didn't yet make an exposé of. But even if I won't be accepted by any professor/verifier, it's such an awesome to me - all things I wanted, packed in performance pool! Simply awesome.

And now it's time for some mind-soothing gameplay voyage.

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