What great fur, er, chitin!

Hunted down the last bug I knew of! This little bug in the debugging wasn't really a flaw in the debug system but in a function that called another function in a debug call. The called function just returns a thread ID, so it was simple to fix that. Seeing these things happening I wonder how I can prevent this during compile time and execution. The only things I can think of is to store whether one is currently inside a debug message before starting another and output an asynchronous message. But this will become a bit dirty with the mix of macro an function calls I'm using right now, so it's advisable to check for the debug mode definition with some #ifndef-ing. So yeah, problem solved, woohoo! Too bad I don't have to time for using the system. Have yet to learn for an exam (didn't really have interest in the programming part of constraint logic) and do some bits for a presentation of wednesday which I'm no sure about either. Oh and did I forget the exams on tuesday and thursday? God, I can't say how incomftable this all is. As if it would be of use to cramp it all down in to one week...

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