It's been quite a long time since I've discovered a nice 2D game that didn't make me feel playing another boring jump'n run game. And my preferences make it even harder to find a game that's rather hardcore RPG-ish and immersive at once. Dead Island and Skyrim were the latest games I called worthy for my RPG taste but now I found a great challenger which brought almost three hours of highly entertaining and challenging gameplay: Unepic. It's a little indie game I've discovered via an extremely non-indie game magazine (strange coincidence I have to say). Basically, throw in all possible RPG mechanics and MMO quest clich├ęs ou can think of, mix it with an absolutely hilarious pen & paper background and let it look some combination of fixed-screen progression, Prince of Persia perspective and roguelike-like visibility detection. It's simply totally awesome and motivating. It's so classic and well-chosen in almost every aspect that it made a lovely game so far. I'm not very far but I'm already having the feeling that this game will offer a lot of interesting challenges. Reminds of the a more tutorialized Dark Souls with less punishment on death. The fighting system is surprisingly timing based for a platformer look-alike. Attacks take their time, hit only one enemy and enemy do jump up platform, follow light sources, loose track of attackers and so on. It's even possible to do stealthing this way: daggers to 3x damage when backstabbing and enemies won't notice if you put your light source out (doesn't always wit lit rooms of course). Very awesome, indeed. It reminds me of how much love I wanted to put into my own game and how I wanted to base the fighting system on trigger and logic rather status values. Or was this the idea of my old 1D game? I don't know but I want to combine all those things into one game. And Unepic helped to realize my old vision again. I have to thank you for that. I feel way more prepared to fall asleep and wake up early to beat my first exam - something that happens rarely (I'm talking about the exam) and it's the best thing every one can get, having a good time before going to bed and still feeling good with those memories in mind. Yes, this game got me back into what I long lost: the ability to see why charismatic and unique presentation can be more immersive than modern 3D games.

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