Tiny refactoring and some more debug features

I added the possibility to also pass debug system-using functions inside other debug calls. It's way more comftable and also easy to implement with my hash array. I'll add some more dynamic hash array use, so that the array won't stay filled in case of repeated starting/stopping of threads. Anyway, I also split up a few functions of my tasker and ressource manager to have finer control about binding and unbinding their threads. It's straightforward in use and also keeps another small bug from occuring in time. However, there's still the rare opportunity of unsuccessfully continuing a waiting thread. It's really rare as it seems but I'm confident that I'll find this one, too. Anyway, the finalization takes shape! Excitement with every new stabilizing, bug-reducing element.

But it's sad that I don't have the time right no besides the occasitional lookup on my way to work. Semester projects and exams shouldn't be underestimated just because one has a good flow for his own project.

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