I'm quite eager right now, since I've found the "vanilla" version of my chessboard renderer without all the Qt stuff which means that I can comftably upload my code on dropbox or so, link it here and release it as BSD. I'll also make videos of it and upload it to Youtube so that the whole application stuff gets a bit more visual with needing to worry about compiling this stuff as 32bit executables (a bit difficult to get with a compiler where I don't know how to do this). I can't expect everyone having a 64bit operating system, so this solves some problems if they can't execute. Yep, having my own code with all the Qt stuff around makes me way more glad and solves the license problem. I can't express how nervous all this makes me - maybe I can get into a game developer studio where they code their own engine in full C/C++ for multiple platforms! Plainly awesome, especially because I can many people knowing way more about game developing than I do! All the secrets and 3D wizardries I always wanted to have someone telling me about, bundled in one house! Oh geez, the thought alone is enough to approach the application very carefully. I don't want to risk beeing rejected, the child in me would cry by this.

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