Pimp my debug output

I couldn't find ANY further clue about the lasting problem causing the deadlock in my problem. Well, I just just spam out values everywhere but I have around 5 or 6 threads running parallely and they all want to produce their output, too. That said, I'll build in some features to exclude certain threads from debugging an only display the relevant one. It's like there can't be any situation that may generate this problem at all. So I hope improving my debug system pays off, bringing more information. It's all in the domain of my bachelor topic, so there's definitely a reason to deliver multithreaded debugging, too. Hmmm, that's really difficult right now. It's probably just as trivial as with the segfault.

Anyway, I've also had a few more ideas about the demonstration game's tech, including background compressing/decompressing if it's not too much for the CPU. In essence, everything that drains CPU and can run on it's own is enough to be suitable for the demonstration. I can combine the raytracing with software rendering of the sprites and some more graphical effects on them like bump mapping or so. Combine this with the background streaming and it's gonna be quite a good demonstration on how effective the system really is. I don't intend to make all this computable in realtime, but it's always good to have something to show off and explain how differently the load balances, wht's too much for the engine on certain CPUs/OS' and so on. All in all, I can put in whatever I feel is cool and be done with it. That's quite important to I'd say since I didn't yet send out any application for the internship and won't know what I'll exactly do there. Generally speaking, if this damn thread system is done, I can start creating a few simple tools for file and game content management and code the game engine itself after that. I'm quite thrilled by only thinking about my dream of a more or less completely CPU-based game coming to reality. I love these tiny bits of graphics programming without having to worry about graphics card bandwidth, their performance and use of DirectX or the now admittedly old-fashioned OpenGL system. You can control every millimeter of the output, get top, graphics hardware-independent quality and high portability on systems that have the required power and multicore setup. That's what I always wanted to reach but where always limited due to missing CPU power and coding skill. Now the time has almost come! Beware of the incinerated game engine of death! Gotta go to playing play Terraria.

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