OpenGL chess

A "last minute" renderer for a 3D chess game viewer I was coding as mandatory assignment in Software Engineering with two other teammates. While it wasn't my plan to do the graphics part, someone didn't took his work as serious as required to finish the project, so I had to spare a weekend to create a renderer for displaying an animated chess game while sacrificing code quality. The final result features chess figures (which's exact source I don't know, I didn't make them) with parameter-based vertex color generation and face normals for the board-centered light source. The demo animation consists of all allowed moves in a chess game, though only a few of them are seen in most games. In the final program, we had a Qt interface that would parse and database a PGN file (my part), convert it's moves into a series of animation commands and replay the whole thing. Since the final program didn't work for every game (well, atleast my parser and my renderer were working fine enough), I decided to upload this animation demo instead. It also solves certain license problems with non-original PGN files, Qt's horribly huge runtime and the fact that I still don't exactly know where the models come from. It looks quite raw in it's current state, no antialiasing and rather simple animations.

Note: The renderer doesn't properly work on Windows for some reason and I couldn't get it right (probably an OpenGL version difference). It's also to note that I excluded the model files from the source code - I didn't make them after all.

Download (64bit Linux, 32bit Windows, C++ source code)

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