On the road to laziness

What a pleasure to not having to learn for exams anymore! Atleast until the point where I'm starting the master. However, since I'm thaaat lazy, I did of course work a bit on my project and found some acceptably consistent concepts of how the convenience module works in general. Some things I explained before were not quite the best solution. Thus, the stuff I'm using right now is more nice and consistent. And I'm getting more and more fluent with my own logical function return/success system. I didn't knew whether it was a good idea in the beginning, but it starts to pay off. Though I'm using macros on almost everything function call, It enables one to track down almost every possible bug happening via false parameter passing or library function fails. Haven't yet implemented state machines, but these are not of concern right now since I'm definitely in the know of all the annoying caveats that may happen due to false use (oh, yes, the bug hunt...).

Guess I'll do a little pause after the convenience function with an appropriate demo/test program and start documentating this weekend. Then I'll be able to do a first more or less "release-ready" version of it. It's indeed important to me not use unfinished or heavily disadvantageous code with has definite bugs I know of. It's too bad that I don't have anything else but the few old graphics demos. Damn.

Whatever, I shouldn't think about that. Stay confident with your stengths someone told me once,

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